Critique 3: Mixed Media

Today marked the end of the Mixed Media project with a critique! 

Overall I had fun with this project. I really got into the weeds in a few parts and made some textures that I definitely appreciate. The blinds on the windows and the posts of the bedframes all incorporate some folding which I think give the pieces some depth (unfortunately, it’s kind of hard to tell from the picture). I also really liked making¬† the texture on my roommate’s duvet and pillows.

I also had a lot of fun using the X-ACTO knife. Aside from cutting out the general shapes (which I think I did most successfully on my roommate’s duvet) I used the knife to score parts of the paper. The posts of the beds, in particular, were aided by the scoring making the folds more clean and stopping the different values from bleeding into each other.

I’m hoping to use watercolors or some other type of paint in the final project! I like how mutable paint is, and I’d like to keep experimenting with that.

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