Final project progress

My final project for Art 160 is slowly starting to take shape. I’ve re-started and re-thought my process a few times for it, but I think that I’ve settled on something that I like. My inspiration for the final is the song Til vĂ¥ren by Edvard Grieg.

I’ve decided to do a sort of storybook following the mood of the song. The story will involve a kitten that tries to catch a bird that is sitting on a chunk of ice on a melting river. When she jumps onto the ice it will break and she’ll start floating down the river. She’ll start to calm down and be relaxed by the flow of the river, eventually falling asleep. The end of the song will be her mother picking her up off of the chunk of ice after she hits shore.

For inspiration, I’ll look at Minnehaha falls and river in Minneapolis, photos of my cat, and photos of cardinals online.

To the left, my cat. Above, a photo of the frozen Minnehaha falls which I will use as reference.

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