Mixed Media Drawing Progress

The current project for ART160 involves taking a snapshot of our room (or another place where we spend a lot of time and are comfortable) and making a collage of it. I chose to keep it simple and do the bedroom I share with my roommate.

For the collage part of the assignment, we have to take various materials and papers, cut them into forms, and paste them to the paper.

To transfer from the picture to the paper, I folded the picture into rectangles of equivalent size, and drew proportionally sized rectangles on the paper. I then drew all of the major shapes onto the paper.

The above photo shows the folded picture along with a sketch of the room from when I was first playing around with perspective. Also pictured is a set of watercolors. I’m planning on using primarily watercolor, pencil, and oil pastels in the project. They will represent, respectively, smooth, slightly rough, and rough textures. For example, the yarn of the quilt will be oil pastel but the walls will be watercolor. I’m excited to play around more with the textures!

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