Student Art Exhibition and Ice Cream Social at Agnes!

I had the pleasure of attending the art exhibit today at Agnes Scott College in the Dana Fine art gallery! There was work by some awesome Scotties on display, but my favorite was a series of mixed-media works depicting technology by Amandla Williams.

Many of Amandla’s works involved putting dated graphic design on modern technology or apps. For example, she had an iPad with a bunch of apps, but the icons for all of the apps threw me back to playing on the family computer in the early 2000s. She also had an old design of MS Paint with two floppy disks on it, flanking an old phone. In the text area of the floppy disks there were the new app icons for youtube and instagram, and the phone had the Apple apple on it.

My favorite piece that she made for this series was a shadow box looking “into” a computer screen. At the back were apps like Internet Explorer, My Files, and Recycle Bin. To the front, there was an error message and the cursor. The computer was also clearly running on an old version of Windows, probably 98. I really liked this one because I remember using the computer when it ran that program and imagining the inside of the screen as a physical place. I also loved the clean, sharp lines on all of her works. They came out particularly clearly in this piece, because all of the elements were cut out.

Overall I loved the memorial to the old design of technology. Amandla’s art was very fun and definitely made me think about the way our technology has changed.

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